Jan 5, 2014

HTC One's successor HTC M8 expected to come soon!

It is already in the air that HTC is working on for its  new flagship smartphone, HTC M8, codenamed as M8 as HTC One being codenamed M7. There is a rumour about its launch at this year's MCW (Mobile World Congress) 2014.

According to the predictions, HTC M8 will sport a 5-inch screen display (1080px). It will support Android 4.4 Kitkat along with a brand new Sense 6.0 lacing. The device will be powered with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM-8974 processor along with 2GB of RAM. It will host a 2.1 UltraPixel camera on the rear.

HTC M8HTC One had managed to get ample consumer response, as it had a great design, hefty buildup and fresh sense. However, HTC siezed the production of this smartphone, which resulted in its fall. 

We expect something more from this new flagship phone. However, it is known that in terms of the looks, the new HTC M8 is very similar to HTC One. There is also a goss that this device would also be exhibited in a gold color version, but its not sure that this alone would do the trick. As there are no major thumps seen in terms of the specifications too.

Source: Gizmodo

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