Mar 5, 2014

No more Log-ins from Google, Facebook ID's in Yahoo

According to the report by the Reuters, Yahoo to soon discard the options for users to sign in with Google or Facebook ID's. This gradual roll out will affect services like Flickr and Fantasy Sports. 

Although Yahoo did not comment on this, but clicking on the "sign in with Google" option this morning produced a message stating "The Google ID you entered is not associated with a Yahoo account. To continue, you now need to create a Yahoo account." Yahoo offered users the chance to grab their 'dream' Yahoo ID they have always wanted. Like if your desired username is not available, you can pay $1.99 to monitor up to 5 usernames for a period of 3 years.

Yahoo recently tried to boost interest in its services from rebuilding Yahoo Mail and Flickr to presenting a well-received weather app. But regardless of this Yahoo misses the 'cool' factor, a Gmail account encompasses, which becomes a struggle point for it.

Google has all its services - YouTube, Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, etc. linked into one Google Account that can be used across the web. But an ID from another service cannot be used to sign-in to Google, which locks one into the Google's ecosystem. Yahoo is also now on the same track, that may be the reason behind its move to discard Google and Facebook log-ins.

Source: PCMag

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