Mar 18, 2014


Apple iPad Air
Priced Rs. 35,900+/-
This is a best tablet for those who are willing to spend that extra bit for a premium tablet with built-in-class Apps.

The new iPad Air is a light weight slate that sports a brushed metal, aluminium build. And like older versions, this one also sports a single button interface making it simple to use. Besides, its intuitive iOS7 operating system is backed by a store that's filled with almost four lakh apps(games, education, productivity and services) that are optimised for the tablet.

The Air's crisp is one of the finest we've seen, making it ideal for movies, reading and games. This tab has the best stereo speakers-clear audio with a hint of bass-when compared to the others tested here. Even though the tablet can play Full HD flicks effortlessly, out of the box it only supports MP4 and MOV files. So, you will first need to convert videos to a compatible format.

Unlike the plug-and-play of Android, it is mandatory to use iTunes to update and sync content between your PC and the Air and this can prove to be quite a cumbersome exercise. This Apple slate does not include a memory card slot, so you'll want to opt for greater storage if you want to store movies and songs on it.
Pictures taken with the rear camera works well for video calling. you can either go with Apple's FaceTime app, which is very effective, but restricted to Apple users only-or you could opt for other video-calling apps, including Skype available on the App store. 

The battery on the WiFi version gave us a commendable eight hours of video. If you opt for the 3G model, it would differ depending on usage.

Technical Specifications:

Display                               9.7-inch IPS(2048x1536px) touchscreen

Processor                           1.4GHz dual core processor

Storage Memory                  16/32/64/128GB (internal storage)

Camera                              5MP rear cam, 1.2MP front cam

Connectivity options           Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

OS                                     iOS 7

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