Nov 16, 2013

Now Twitter Timelines are all upto you!

Twitter this week announced changes to its timeline feature, that means a feature that would allow users to create custom data streams within TweetDeck.

The motive behind the custom timelines is to help users to organize their stream of tweets centered around specific people, events, hashtags or any sort of information a user feels noteworthy. The timelines are public, making it easier for any individual user or organization to create, collect and share tweets in real time.

For instance twitter is also opening up Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow developers to build tools or programming around the custom timeline feature.
Within next couple of days this feature shall be rolled out. To get started, users can look for the "custom timeline" column to appear in the TweetDeck and simply hit the "+" icon or the "A" keyboard shortcut.

With creation of a custom timeline users can merge hashtags and search into a single timeline. Also, timeline from TweekDeck can be embedded to user websites. 
It becomes another advantage for Twitter in its competition with the most happening place online i.e Facebook. This introduction of custom timelines feature will let users publicly display collections of tweets on any topic they choose.

Custom timelines will increase that perception of twitter being much more dynamic network.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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